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October 20 2013

Implemented this feature I saw in XChat

Yes, having switched to Linux and using XChat, I now first realize how slow mIRC is (connecting to my bouncer, joining all kinds of channels, replaying scrollback, etc.-- mirc takes a few seconds, where XChat is "instant"), but I don't care. It's still my client of choice for Windows. On Tweakers IRC network, it is custom for a lot of people to indicate their away status with /nick <nickname>|afk and such. That makes sense, but XChat does something "smart", it periodically /who's all channels to know whom are away so it can color those in light grey in the nicklist. Cool feature I thought! So I "extended" my nicklisting coloring mirc script, by adding aways.ini. It's no longer necessary to keep changing your nickname with an away status (on freenode it isn't even allowed in some channels img1).

Away nicks in light-grey in XChat

The same feature in mIRC

It's a pity that such an inefficient implementation is required ("pull"ing /who periodically will result in a lot of extra network data), but the IRC protocol does not currently provide something that "push"es away info more intelligently. You can download the script here, note that aways.ini depends on nicklist.ini, also downloadable there. (nicklist.ini still works without aways.ini, it will then use light grey at random instead.)

Away nicks in light-grey

Away nicks in light-grey, other nicks colored.

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2014-08-16 10:31:47

Hello! Thank you for your script. Is there a way not to get displayed "black" colours?


2014-08-16 10:31:57

Hello! Thank you for your script. Is there a way not to get displayed "black" colours?


2014-08-16 10:32:15

Hello! Thank you for your script. Is there a way not to get displayed "black" colours?


website: @

2014-08-17 12:07:30

@meh: from the top of my head modify the nicklist.ini

remove the "1 " from this line:

.set %colors 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


2014-09-15 21:26:57

Hi! Does this work with mIRC 7.36?
I enabled nick colouring but I cant seem to get it to work.

I get error message
"/cnick: insufficient parameters (line 106, remote.ini)"


website: @

2014-09-24 00:09:14

Hey Ari, I just installed mIRC 7.36 to check. Worked for me.

Can you e-mail me your remote.ini, or the section around line 106? Just to check, because neither of my scripts are >= 106 lines.

Something that comes to mind: in ALT+B (mIRC address book), tab "Nick Colors", Is "Enable nick colors" checked?
& Did a restart of mIRC help?


2014-11-23 12:57:52

I noticed that HexChat indicates away nicks almost instantly while this script still takes a few seconds to update. Is there any way to get the exact same response from mIRC by using your script?

Also, thanks a ton for sharing your script.



2014-12-05 00:52:52

Hey @WhiteSmash

I installed HexChat and discovered with Wireshark that it performs a "WHO #channel" when you join a channel: see

To emulate this behaviour in mIRC you can add this:

;; Determine /who is away in channel when we join it.

on 1:JOIN:*: {
if ($me == $nick) {
who $chan

And it will trigger the update immediately. I'll add it to the aways.ini script, because I think it's a nice improvement.

Thanks! =)


2015-03-28 22:02:44

I've loaded both .ini files into the remote script tab. Nothing happens. All I get is this error in the status window:

/cnick: insufficient parameters (line 93, nicklist.ini)


2017-04-12 21:56:00

The scripts worked on my old computer with mIRC 7.46. I installed mIRC 7.47 on a new computer and copied nicklist.ini and aways.ini into the scripts folder and loaded both scripts. It doesn't work. I also found the old mIRC 6.35 setup file and installed it on the new PC and the scripts also didn't work. Can you tell me what went wrong?

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