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December 29 2012

It's really nice that at least one of my creations (phpfolding.vim) is really being picked up by others. I.e.: on Stackoverflow [1], [2], in China [1], Japan [1], [2], France [1], Holland [1], someone made a package for archlinux, creator of spf13 distribution listed as one of 15 best vim plugins. Also found a few forks on github which is really awesome, will check out if I should merge their changes back soon. These are just a few links I found now with a simple google search. This makes me regret being a little reluctant with reading my hotmail account.

I'm a bit proud it's part of the excellent spf13 vim distribution. I now use spf13 myself on my linux servers, it suprised me with some features I think are extremely smart: Like the use of numbers for each line relative to your cursor, so you can easily make X line(s) jumps or yank the correct amount of lines easily! Also the CTRL + P quick navigation that works with acronyms as well, ,, + direction key for quick jumping. And the included themes are also very nice.

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