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November 19 2010

Today I moved from my "127 machine" (localhost) to an Amazon EC2 server.

First I tried the Amazon Linux AMI (32-bit) micro, but it was to difficult to get GTK working. Package manager was yum, which is nice, but a few packages I needed weren't available, decided to check another AMI out.

Found SUSE AMI (32-bit) on micro, package manager is zypper, and works like a charm. GTK was already installed on this one. Everything is up and running.

I've used Debian for a lot of years for personal use and at work, and henceforth became accustomed to Debian. I'm actually finding out SUSE isn't that bad either!

On my local machine GTK was ugly by default, so I immediately changed the theme to something less hideous. On this SUSE AMI the default GTK is pretty fancy, although the fonts were missing ;)

What annoys me is that forwarding X11 over the internet is slower than I expected. Editting text inside the forwarded "ArticleManager" isn't particularly fast. Still love my weird blogging system though!

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