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October 21 2012

Select behaviour in address bar in Linux

I use control + arrow keys and control + shift + arrow keys for selecting a lot. And as a webdeveloper especially in the address bar. I think it is somehow the default under linux distributions, under OpenSuse anyways, that always all text is selected. I find that very VERY annoying. Because you cannot quickly select (a) piece(es) from the URL. But luckily I found the config setting where you can change this! img1

Enable H264 support in Windows

In about:config, enable the value Especially useful if you disable Flash. A lot of video players use a HTML5 player as fallback support only the H264 codec.

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Ray Burgemeestre

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2012-10-21 22:16:52

Test if the comments system still works ;)

Ray Burgemeestre

2012-10-21 22:35:51

Test without email address

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