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November 23 2016

Photo (c) crazybobbles

A while ago, 10 years ago actually, I attended London calling 2006, only one of the two days. Mostly bands from the UK making noise , Howling Bells definitely was the odd one out here. These videos were broadcasted in The Netherlands on TV by the VPRO, and recorded by 3voor12, I don't know exactly but both kind of cultural/subsidized entities. Anyway I didn't record from TV but I downloaded the internet stream, it was rotating all the recorded gigs. Anyway I got lucky it was the third one so I didn't have to wait long. Howling Bells was the only one I was interested in.

You can download the original file: HowlingBells.asf (356 MiB). I was still capturing the previous concert, so you have to skip through it first, or just view the YouTube one where I extracted only the Howling Bells part (but that file is > 1 GiB because I used a huge bitrate "Just in case").. I couldn't find any video editing software (at least ~ 2006, even even a later years) that could process this .asf file, as it's a bit corrupt because it was an endless stream that I interrupted after the concert.

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