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June 12 2018

list GPU allocatable resources

kubectl get node -o go-template='{{printf "%-40s %20s %20s\n" "NODE" "CAPACITY" "ALLOCATABLE"}}{{range $index,$pod := .items}}{{$capacity := index .status.capacity ""}}{{$alloc := index .status.allocatable ""}}{{printf "%-40s %20s %20s\n" $capacity $alloc}}{{end}}'

list all api resources

kubectl api-resources --verbs=list --namespaced -o name 

# useful for debugging
kubectl api-resources --verbs=list --namespaced -o name | xargs -n 1 -I{} /bin/sh -c "kubectl get {} -o yaml || true; kubectl get {} --all-namespaces -o yaml || true"| tee out.log

ping all pod ips at once

kubectl get po -o json | jq .items[].status.podIP -r | fping

Force delete stuck namespace

kubectl get namespace "foo-restricted" -o json \
        | tr -d "\n" | sed "s/\"finalizers\": \[[^]]\+\]/\"finalizers\": []/" \
        | kubectl replace --raw /api/v1/namespaces/foo-restricted/finalize -f -

Run pod in namespace

kubectl run -i --tty busybox --image=busybox:latest --restart Never --rm -n $NAMESPACE -- sh

Selecting pods

kubectl get pod -A
kubectl get pod --show-labels
kubectl get pod -l foo=bar,baz=ban

Deleting pods

No time to waste?

kubectl delete pod --grace-period=0 --force

Clean up

Cleanup all terminating pods

kubectl get pod|grep Terminating|awk '{print $1}'|xargs -n 1 echo kubectl delete pod --grace-period=0 --force

Cleanup all non-running pods

kubectl get pods --field-selector=status.phase!=Running -o jsonpath="{range .items[?(@.status.phase != 'Running')]}kubectl delete pod -n {.metadata.namespace}{' '}{}{'\n'}{end}" | sh -

kubectl get pod -A --no-headers |grep -v Running | awk '{print "kubectl delete pod -n "$1" "$2}'|sh -

Tail all logs

This script has helped me so many times quickly finding issues somewhere in k8s containers.


function cleanup
    kill -9 $(jobs -p)
trap "cleanup" 2

function prefix
    while read line; do
        echo "$1$line";
    done < /dev/stdin

function kubectl_log
    typeset namespace="$1"
    typeset pod="$2"
    shift 2
    for i in $(seq 1 $#); do
        typeset container="$1"
        kubectl logs -n $namespace $pod -f $container | prefix "[ $namespace - $pod - $container ] - " &

while read line; do
    kubectl_log $line
done < <(kubectl get pods -A -o jsonpath="{range .items[*]}{.metadata.namespace} {} {}{'\n'}{end}")

List all mounted host paths


function prefix
    while read line; do
        echo "$1$line";
    done < /dev/stdin

echo "----------------------------"
echo checking direct mounts 
echo "----------------------------"
while read ns; do
    if [[ "$ns" == "kube-system" ]]; then

    kubectl get pod -n $ns -o jsonpath="{range ..volumes[?(@.hostPath.path != '')]}{.hostPath.path}{'\n'}{end}" | sort | uniq | prefix "$ns - "

done < <(kubectl get ns -o jsonpath="{range .items[*]}{}{'\n'}{end}")

echo "----------------------------"
echo checking persistent volumes $ns
echo "----------------------------"
kubectl get pv -o yaml -o jsonpath="{range .items[*]}{..hostPath.path}{'\n'}{end}" | sort | uniq


kubeadm token create --print-join-command


kubectl auth can-i --list --namespace=test-restricted


[root@nas kube]# kubectl get no Unable to connect to the server: x509: certificate is valid for,, not

[root@nas kube]# kubectl --insecure-skip-tls-verify get no ...

Leader election

root@node001:~> kubectl describe ep -n kube-system kube-controller-manager
Name:         kube-controller-manager
Namespace:    kube-system
Labels:       <none>
  Type    Reason          Age   From                     Message
  ----    ------          ----  ----                     -------
  Normal  LeaderElection  17m   kube-controller-manager  rb-haha-b_35d43390-6650-4907-99c5-57d1e6455496 became leader

List containers inside docker registry

curl -k https://<IP>:5000/v2/_catalog | jq .

Save and Load containers

docker save myimage:latest | gzip > myimage_latest.tar.gz

docker load < myimage_latest.tar.gz
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