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June 12 2018

Auto Login for OpenStack Dashboard

For some reason Lastpass cannot remember the OpenStack dashboard, maybe there is something wrong with the HTML markup, I didn't investigate. This script is just to auto login whenever I'm logged out (which happens every hour or so)

Script here:

Include priorities in JIRA dashboards

See my blog post "Visualize Issue Ranks in Atlassian Jira Agile board".

Script here:

Make input boxes readable everywhere

My dark gnome theme screwed up lot's of input boxes on Firefox, because they would become dark grey with black text. Not that handy.

Script here:

Include time spent per day in Kanbanflow

I used to use this a lot, log pomodoros on my ticket representations in Kanbanflow, which I used to export to JIRA tempo hours.. (these days I have a different approach)

Script here:

Track pomodoro's on Kanbanflow

Script here:

Fix ugly description boxes on Kanbanflow

Script here: [][7]


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